Motivational Maps®

What are Motivational Maps®?

Motivational Maps is an ISO accredited tool that:

  • Identifies what a person is motivated by and their wants and needs at work to drive high performance
  • Measures the extent to which the individual’s motivators are being met
  • Can assist businesses identify motivation levels at an individual team or organisational level
  • Provides practical and targeted reward strategies, which will help to drive up motivation levels
  • Enables the individual to set targets for their own motivation levels, have a realistic action plan and maximise their motivation



What are Motivational Maps®?


Motivational Maps® are based on compelling and original research into motivation and performance – intellectual property which gives organisations using it real competitive advantage.

To date over xxx Maps have been used in over yyy countries around the world in a wide range of market sectors.


How to use Motivational Maps®

It takes around 15 minutes for the individual to complete an online questionnaire. They then receive a full 15 page report on what motivates them and how motivated they are. This report is both practical and revealing, as most individuals have little idea about what motivates them..

The data from individual Maps can be brought together to product Team Maps and Organisational Maps to help build on the strengths of everyone working together.

To find out more about how Motivational Maps work for individuals and teams, you can download our factsheet



Maps need to be administered by an accredited practitioner. Either our team can deliver Maps to your people on your behalf as part of increasing Personal Effectiveness, Leadership Development or building High Performance Teams or you can become an Accredited Practitioner. 

How are Motivational Maps® different to other tools?


Motivational Maps complement other psychometric tools such as MBTI or Insights Discovery and help to provide a deeper self-awareness for the individual.


Motivational maps is the only tool on the market that measures motivation


The accessible language of Maps makes it memorable long after the initial feedback is given

  Bottom Up approach

 Motivational Maps helps put the employee in the driving seat by asking “What can I do to increase my own motivation?”


A lot of tools only provide information at the individual level. Motivational Maps collates data for the individual, team, department and the whole company. This enables organisations to get intelligence on what drives its culture, employee engagement, values and more, allowing them more informed and relevant people strategies


Online learning helps individuals to gain a deeper understanding of their Map without face to face interventions. This enables organisations to roll out the maps on a large scale cost-effectively


Maps are priced competitively, making them scalable

  Easy to use

Within ten minutes, people can understand the language of Motivational Maps and start to use it. 92% of our clients have confirmed that they found the tool easy to use.


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