Motivational Maps - making the invisible visible

70% of people don’t know what motivates them at work yet motivation is seen as a vital component of performance. Now, more than ever, harnessing motivation is key to success and well-being.

Motivation is the energy that drives performance yet it is invisible. You can't see motivation. You just see what it touches. Motivational Maps create a language around motivation which means we are able to make the invisible, visible. It identifies what motivates someone and measures not only how important that motivator is to them, it also measures the extent to which they are motivated. When you can measure something, you can maximise it.

As a manager, you already know just how important motivation is when it comes to developing people and adapting to new ways of working. Whether you are looking for different ways to engage your people, shift unhelpful behaviours or drive cultural change, understanding motivation is crucial.  

Most managers we speak to say they don’t know how to harness this essential ingredient of performance. That’s where Motivational Maps® comes in.  

What are Motivational Maps?

Motivational Maps are an ISO accredited online tool that focus on motivation – the energy that drives action and performance. Maps enable people to understand motivation at a deeper level and shows them what they can do to improve results, increase resilience, and enhance their wellbeing. They also help organisations to achieve greater employee engagement. 

How do they work?

In using Motivational Maps, you will be able to identify the order and intensity of nine motivators, as well as measure the extent to which these motivators are being met. Maps create a common language through which to discuss motivation. Most importantly they will provide strategies to harness motivation on an ongoing basis. 

Motivational Maps provide vital information that can be used at an individual, team or organisational level. Collecting the data is easy and starts with a quick online questionnaire. 

Why focus on motivation?

Motivation is the energy which drives performance. Without motivation, nothing happens.

For years now, businesses have focussed their attention on developing a common language around behaviours with the use of tools like Insights Discovery® and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®. Now is the time to help individuals and teams understand what drives these behaviours. Why do people do what they do?

And if you use pulse surveys to measure employee satisfaction and engagement, Maps will help you find targeted solutions to address key themes – quickly and efficiently.

Motivational Maps is part of a holistic solution to Organisational Development. Its application and benefit can be felt throughout the entire employment life cycle. And it starts with a simple step – the completion of a Map.

Working together

We help organisations use this tool effectively. We offer a range of programmes from team effectiveness to leadership development, adapting to change to building resilience – all with Motivational Maps at their core. We also partner with organisations, training up members of their teams to become Motivation Champions and Maps Practitioners.

To find out more about Motivational Maps and to see whether this tool might be right for you, contact us

What are people saying about Motivational Maps?

“My Map was uncannily accurate…spooky in fact.”

“I’ve done lots of psychometrics before and I thought I knew myself quite well. Maps is different though. Now I realise what really drives me – and how those drivers continue to change and shape what I want from work – and my life.”

“I used to be a bit of a cynic about these types of ‘tests’. I always felt they were trying to put me in a ‘box’, to label me. What I found with Maps, and the debrief I had, was that Maps actually gave me a new way of thinking about myself – and how I am seen by others. The descriptors are simply that – descriptions. I was encouraged to come up with what they meant for me. That was incredibly empowering and so useful in discussing it with my team.”

“Receiving my Map and the debrief was like being given permission to by myself”

Results an organisation can expect from Motivational Maps® include:

  • Understand what motivates each individual and what drives them to be productive;
  • Enables individuals to understand how motivation impacts on their resilience and what they can do to make improvements in this area
  • Increases self-awareness of individuals especially with regards to decision-making, relationship building and leadership style;
  • Improves empathy of team members by helping them identify what matters to those around them;
  • Provides powerful insights into team dynamics to strengthen relationships, improve effectiveness and build trust;
  • Uncovers the reasons for team conflict. 

    If you are in leadership and development and would like to become accredited in Motivational Maps® click: Motivational Maps® Accreditation.

    Motivational Maps testimonial

    I was sold on the concept of Motivational Maps having done my research and felt that this tool, with its emphasis on making motivation more accessible, is something desperately required in business today. I found the accreditation very easy to do online due to the structure you gave. What I appreciated in particular was the 3-step programme:

    Step 1: Doing my own profile and getting a debrief with a Maps trainer. This gave me insight into the dynamics of the profile and just how is was different (and complementary) it is to other tools I use.

    Step 2: Completion of online modules (self-study). The videos highlighted the themes and set the tone for the rest of the programme. They covered all the key elements I needed to understand and were easy to follow.

    Step 3: Attend two Confirmation of Learning sessions with the Maps trainer. This gave me the practical reinforcement of steps 1 and 2 and the confidence to start using the tool with both individuals and teams.” Roy Braxton, CEO, Braxton Group

    To download an example Motivational Map, click the button below

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    If you are a coach, Leadership and Development professional or business leader seeking to increase the motivation within the teams you influence, find out more about Motivational Maps here.

    More about Motivational Maps…


    Motivational Maps complement other psychometric tools such as MBTI or Insights Discovery and help to provide a deeper self-awareness for the individual.


    Motivational Maps is the only tool on the market that measures motivation.


    The accessible language of Maps makes it memorable long after the initial feedback is given.

    Bottom Up Approach

    Motivational Maps helps put the individual in the driving seat by asking “What can I do to increase my own motivation?”.


    Motivational Maps collates data for the individual, team, department and the whole company. This enables organisations to get intelligence on what drives its culture, employee engagement, values and more, allowing them more informed and relevant people strategies.


    Online learning helps individuals to gain a deeper understanding of their Map without face to face interventions. This enables organisations to roll out Maps on a large scale cost-effectively and quickly. 


    Maps are priced competitively, making them accessible.

    Easy to use 

    The Maps are simple to use.