How do you motivate people?

You want your team to be motivated, but sometimes you don't know where to start. With motivation being such a personal thing, you find it difficult to keep track of what motivates someone. Plus some people find it hard to open up. Then there's the fact motivation changes all the time - how are you supposed to take account of that?! Sometimes you resort to being the cheerleader for your team - but that can leave you exhausted. To be honest, you're not quite sure what does work, and so much of your effort feels wasted. And no one has time to waste. 

You know just how productive the team is when they are motivated. You've seen, first-hand, how much more willing they are to get stuck in when it gets tough. You've been amazed at how much of an impact motivation has on how the team functions and how people get on. The problem is those moments are rarer than you would like and that can be so frustrating - for everyone. 

You've also seen the cost of low motivation - people leave, go off sick, check out mentally (if not physically). And that low level of motivation is contagious. You've been there yourself and don't wish it on your team.

You get the importance of motivation. You just aren't sure how to harness it. They don't teach that on most leadership programmes!

If only there was a way of knowing what motivates every member of your team. 

If only you, and they, could track what changes over time - so you can see what makes motivation go up - and down. 

If only the team could work together to feed each other's motivations - so that they could have more of those moments when they feel completely fuelled up and raring to go.

If only they, and you, knew which buttons to stay clear of. That'd remove a lot of the friction in the team.

Well, now you can. Thanks to Motivational Maps®.

What are Motivational Maps?

Motivational Maps are an ISO accredited online questionnaire that focuses on motivation - the energy that drives action and performance. 

How do they work?

A Motivational Map identifies the order and intensity of nine motivators at work and measures the extent to which these motivators are being met. No other motivation tool on the market does this. When you can measure something, you can maximise it. 

Maps create a common language through which to discuss motivation. This means motivation becomes something which is talked about - rather than something to be guessed at.

Most importantly they will provide strategies to harness motivation on an ongoing basis. 

What's mojo?

If you want to use Motivational Maps at scale or want an easy way to track how motivations change over time, mojo is for you. Mojo is powered by Motivational Maps, and provides a dashboard for each team member about what drives them - and what drives their team. 

We use both versions depending on what's right for you.

To find out more about Motivational Maps and mojo, and to see whether this tool might be right for you, contact us

What are people saying about Motivational Maps?

"My Map was uncannily accurate - spooky in fact."

"I've done lots of psychometrics before and I thought I knew myself quite well. Maps is different though. Now I realise what really drives me and how those drivers continue to change and shape what I want from work and my life."

"Maps really challenged my preconceptions. I am now able to focus on what really matters."

"Motivational Maps delivers what other tools don't - a truly practical and useful way of understanding why and how your team works together."

"To my mind, the whole concept of mapping motivation goes above and beyond the current personality tools. They deal with the root cause of behaviour rather than the symptoms."

"I used to be a bit of a cynic about these types of profiles. I always felt they were trying to put me box, to label me. What I found with Maps, and the debrief I had, was that Maps actually gave me a new way of thinking about myself and how I am seen by others. The descriptors are simply that - descriptions. I was encouraged to come up with what they meant for me. That was incredibly empowering and so useful in discussing it with my team."

"Receiving my Map and the debrief was like being given permission to be myself"

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