What our clients say

Team Development 

Kathryn Smith, CEO, SCIE

"I have worked with Kate a number of times over my career and have chosen to work with her again in my new role as CEO. I know the results she is able to achieve with a team are phenomenal. For example, in my last organisation,  I am proud to say we became a high-performing team. People could speak openly; trust was high; people could change their style depending on the need; they understood and supported each other's preferred styles and motivators.

I've worked with many external facilitators on team development and Motivational Leadership is by far the best.

Kate and her team have a way of working with teams to use theory whilst translating it into practice in very tangible ways so that it makes sense and leaves us thinking. They are very skilful in bringing out any thorny issues sensitively, giving everybody the opportunity to share views in a safe environment.

I love working with Kate. She is very friendly, supportive, inspirational and easy to work with. I never have any issues sharing what is working and what isn't (both for my team and the programme) and she is so flexible and responsive to our needs. If you are thinking about working with Motivational Leadership, just do it! You really won't regret it. Be absolutely honest with your facilitator about yourself and your team and your investment will pay dividends."

Julia Parnaby, Senior Head of Knowledge and Learning, The National Lottery Community Fund

I've worked with Kate and the Motivational Leadership team since 2015 and have experienced the positive and tangible benefits of their approach first-hand. After an internal restructuring, I was determined that, as a new team, we'd really stretch ourselves to be more than the sum of our parts. We're a small team, based across three different locations and have a wide range of experience, but because we have limited face-to-face time, we have to work a bit harder than usual to build our culture. I want us to be a team where it is ok to challenge ourselves and each other so that we continuously improve.

It is also essential for us to use the times when we do come together wisely. Kate and her team are real experts in what they do and ensure that every minute a client spends with them is time well spent. I'm a big advocate of meetings having purpose and that is core to what Motivational Leadership do. Their sessions are productive and worthwhile and really benefit everyone involved.

Alongside Motivational Maps and Insights analysis work, Kate and the team were instrumental in helping us build a team with shared values and vision. She works in a very thoughtful, genuine and effective way. She is great at exploring ideas and helping you bring them to life and then coaching you to find solutions as a team, which is really a match for our ethos at The National Lottery Community Fund. She's equipped us with the skills we needed to make a measurable change ourselves. Kate's energy and personality are second to none. She offers tangible tools to work with, energises and enthuses the team and ultimately gets results. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again.”


Leadership Development 

Head of Service, Major UK Charity

"Yesterday I ran a webinar to all of Operations about the new strategy. It could have been a pretty dry presentation, so I did two things.

  • I followed your prompt and connected to my 'why' and theirs. I talked about the difference we could make, together, and to the people we serve.
  • I channelled my inner Kate Turner.  I was deliberate and intentional not just in the words I used, but in the way in which I delivered it.

The feedback was great including one manager saying "If ever a person has the skills to lead us through the next strategy it's you.  You listen, you show care and compassion, and you communicate the strategic elements in a way that makes others want to follow you. Most of all you are knowledgeable, trustworthy, and authentic in your communication and people want to hear what you have to say." 

Thank you!  Your guidance has made such a difference to me and more importantly made a difference to how I left 325 people feeling."


David Orr, CEO, National Housing Federation:

"Kate has worked with managers and directors at all levels within the National Housing Federation. She has a wonderful ability to get everyone to participate and engage in conversations. She is able to challenge individuals and teams, but in a way that helps us to think differently and without making people defensive. One of the things I like most about Kate's approach is that she always comes with a plan, but often allows the sessions to follow a different route if there is obvious value in doing so."


Project Manager, Education Consultancy:

"Kate is an inspiring person, who clearly understands how our company works. My reservation about using an outside trainer was that they may know little about how our organisation works. This proved completely unfounded. Kate has worked with the company for years and this really shows, and she offered us some extremely useful insights about our own company."


Gerard Price, Managing Director, Bargate Homes

"We have worked with Motivational Leadership for over 10 years now and have partnered with them for everything from senior team training to personality profiling, to one-to-one coaching. Alongside the more traditional training and face-to-face workshops, we have also found Motivational Maps® to be incredibly helpful in recruiting the right team members and also getting a balance at the top table.

Working with Motivational Leadership has taught us all to find new ways to collaborate, as well as helping us truly get to the root of deciphering our own strengths and weaknesses and that of the team. It's this in-depth focus on our deeper motivations that helps us come together and ensure our overall purpose is met in all we do.  

When Kate is in the room, it is our safe place. Kate has an innate ability to turn training into real world. From previous experience, I have often found that training is merely a tick in the box and the sessions regularly get moved or cancelled. No one cancels Kate's meetings; this is a testament to her knowledge and expertise."


Maps Accreditation 


Rebecca Cross, MD and founder, Rebecca Cross LTD

"Kate was initially one of my clients when I ran my virtual assistant business. In 2016 Kate (my then client) asked me if I would like to become a practitioner in Motivational Maps®. I jumped at the chance, not least because it would add value to my credentials, but also because it was something I was really interested in. I have to say, the whole process made me completely change my outlook with regards to my own business, so much so that I decided to become a coach and a Maps practitioner myself. Through working with Motivational Leadership, I have found my own unique way on how to use Maps and I just love what it offers my clients.

Fast forward a number of years and I am still working closely with Kate and the team at Motivational Leadership and I am still a Maps practitioner. I love the way Kate takes a holistic approach to working with her clients, taking the time to truly understand the whole story and all elements of her clients. She is caring, approachable and most importantly she has been instrumental in my career journey. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her and hope to work with her for a long time yet."


Nikki Prentice-Jones, Action Talent Ltd:

"Having used Motivational Maps in large corporate organisations, I am extremely happy to attest to the quality and accuracy of the tool, it really does help managers discover how to practically improve their everyday engagement with their staff."