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We help people leaders and development professionals become accredited in Motivational Maps® to use within their teams and clients.

We are a key distributor and the premier accrediting body for Motivational Maps® in the UK. We hold the top-level status, that of Senior Practitioner which means we work directly with the creator of Motivational Maps®, James Sale.

Why become a Maps Practitioner?

We have been delivering Maps-based solutions to our clients for over a decade and have seen, first-hand, the power of Maps. We also know that any tool like this needs to be delivered with care into an organisation; it needs to dovetail into other work which might be happening there. We know that to make the most difference, on-going support can be useful. Whilst we can (and do) deliver Maps-based sessions to our clients, we also want our clients to work independently of us. We can't possibly reach all the people we would like to with our training team and so, instead, we equip like-minded professionals with the skills they need to deliver effective, fun and engaging sessions using Maps. It's a win:win.

Who can become a Maps Practitioner?

Anyone who has some experience of training, coaching or facilitating can become a Maps Practitioner. We provide all the training and support you will need to become a confident Maps Practitioner. And if you need to hone your coaching, training or facilitation skills, we can even help you with that.

What is a Motivational Maps® accreditation?

The Motivational Maps accreditation is a pre-requisite for administering the Motivational Maps tool.  Once accredited, you will be a Motivational Maps practitioner and so be able to administer and use the tool within your organisation and/or to clients.

Our goal by the end of the accreditation is that you have a thorough and practical understanding of how to use the tool successfully with individuals and teams and feel confident to immediately begin working with the tool.

We blend hard-copy resources, with online videos and real-time webinars to deliver all you need to know to become a confident Maps Practitioner. This is wrapped in ongoing support from the Motivational Leadership Team and our growing family of Mappers.

The accreditation is split into two parts: the first part focuses on individual Maps and how to add value to the client by being able to analyse the data well, and the second part looks at team Maps. This structure allows you to build a solid foundation of knowledge based on individual Maps before moving on to group work.

Accreditation testimonial

Lulu Mungur - People Performance coach and consultant

"As a coach and consultant, I've always known the importance of motivation when it comes to performance. And I increasingly felt that the typical reward strategies found in businesses missed the mark. It can be hard to get leaders talking with their teams about motivation when they're unsure how to give their own motivation a boost, let alone that of others. I chose to add Motivational Maps to my toolkit for a number of reasons, including: it's easy to understand; it gives us a much-needed common language around motivation; it's practical, measurable, and solutions-focused; and you can put it into practice right away. It's perfect for leaders, coaches and consultants who want to demystify motivation, who recognise that the old methods aren't working, and who are seeking a proven way of putting 'extra fuel in the tank'.

Kate and the team make accreditation easy and joyful. At first glance, there looks a lot to digest and learn, but they skillfully serve it up in bite-sized chunks, energetically sharing stories that bring the learning to life, and back it up with wonderful online resources. The accreditation assessments are enjoyable and fantastic learning experiences that position you really well for using the tool right away.

During the accreditation process, you get several Maps to practice with. I was able to use these Maps with senior leaders taking part in my leadership development programme, so becoming a Mapper added value to my client offering right from the start. It's become a popular part of my proposition and I'm much more confident talking about the importance of motivation in the performance equation with Maps to back me up.

Kate and the Motivational Leadership team are always on hand to help. They're generous with their time and knowledge, the monthly masterclasses are fantastic and it's great to be part of a like-minded, highly motivated community."

Roy Braxton, CEO at Braxton Group

"I was sold on the concept of Motivational Maps after I did my research and felt that the solution is something desperately required in business today. I found the training very easy to do online due to the structure given. What I appreciated in particular was the 4-step programme:

Step 1: Doing my own profile and getting a debrief with a Maps trainer this gave me insight into the dynamics of the profile 

Step 2: Completion of online modules through videos that highlighted the themes and set the tone for the rest of the programme and the videos covered all the key elements I needed to understand Maps

Step 3: Attend two 90-minute webinars with a Maps trainer. This gave me the practical reinforcement of steps 1 and 2 applied to individual and team-based profiles

Step 4: Confirmation of Learning. This structured review helped me pull together the learnings of steps 1-3

What has been most helpful is that every step has been a building block to the next and has prepared me well for my Confirmation of Learning. There has been a structure throughout and this has given me the confidence to know I will be able to apply my learning with my own clients."

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