Liberating Leadership®

Liberating Leadership® is robust and proven methodology aimed to equip organisations with a dynamic end-to-end process for developing leaders at all levels and to give them the edge.

At Motivational Leadership we use this award-winning approach to leading and developing high performance. The process is based on 25 years of research and testing and includes an easy to follow process for leading people.

Liberating Leadership


Liberating Leadership® works by taking existing, popular models of management and combining them in a particular order - the order that research has shown successful leaders use them in - which gives a blueprint for leading and developing high performance in organisations. It enables leaders to work confidently in a deliberate way with their teams, knowing what they need to do at each stage of the team's development.


One aspect our clients particularly like about using the Liberating Leadership methodology is that it enables them to roll out an approach which can be used throughout an organisation. This means that leadership becomes aligned, a common language emerges, and people at all levels know what is expected of them as there is consistency in approach. When we revisit organisations months after the workshops are finished, we often hear how the language of High Challenge and High Support has become embedded in the culture. We hear phrases such as 'catching people doing it right' have become the mantra to enhancing and sustaining new behaviours. And we see people confidently working through the four-step process of leadership which takes them from a more hands-on style of leadership, to one which is truly enabling and supportive of their teams; one in which leadership is shared.

We are fortunate enough to work with the author and founder of this approach - Ali Stewart - and work alongside her on the Liberating Leadership Faculty. 

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