Leadership is changing. Changing for the better.

Compassionate. Purpose-led. Shared.

You accept we live in complex times. You see that levels of uncertainty are higher than ever. And you know that change is coming thick and fast.

You get it. 

You know you could keep leading the way you always have done but you also know that's not really working anymore - plus it leaves you exhausted. Almost empty. Certainly less fulfilling. You've realised that NOW is the time to change the way you lead.  

If you could only work with someone who:

- could be a sounding board, a listening ear, a confidant 

- bring a fresh approach - one which chimes with your own

- knows what makes people tick - and how to show you how to do the same

- gets that it's not just about tweaking the skills you have, it's about re-igniting your spark too  

- understands that the demands of work don't stop and so you need to learn in real-time. You need practical action, not theoretical concepts.

We get it.

What if you could help each member of your team take more responsibility and step up into their own leadership?

What if you knew what the missing piece of the performance puzzle was in your team - and where to find it?

What if the focus of you and your team was on enjoying work and not enduring it?

What if leading a team could be easier, more rewarding, more meaningful?

That's what we do. And have been for over twenty years. 

Let us show you how. 

Book a call with us today to discuss your needs. Or email us at info@motivationalleadership.co.uk 

Here's what some of our clients have said:

"I have worked with Kate a number of times and the results she is able to achieve with a team are phenomenal. If you are thinking about working with Motivational Leadership, just do it! You really won’t regret it. Your investment will pay dividends." Kathryn Smith, CEO, SCIE

“Kate and her team are real experts in what they do and ensure that every minute a client spends with them is time well spent. I’m a big advocate of meetings having purpose and that’s core to what Motivational Leadership do. Their sessions are productive and worthwhile and really benefit everyone involved.” Julia Parnaby, Senior Head of Knowledge and Learning, The National Lottery Community Fund

“Thank you! Your guidance has made such a difference to me and more importantly made a difference to how the 325 people in my Directorate feel." Head of Service, Major UK Charity

“Kate has a wonderful ability to get everyone to participate and engage in conversations. She is able to challenge individuals and teams, but in a way that helps us to think differently and without making people defensive” David Orr, CEO, a national charity

“We have worked with Motivational Leadership for over 10 years now for everything from senior team training, to personality profiling, to one to one coaching. Working with Motivational Leadership has taught us all to find new ways to collaborate, as well as helping us truly get to the root of deciphering our own strengths and weaknesses and that of the team. It’s this in-depth focus on our deeper motivations that helps us come together and ensure our overall purpose is met in all we do.” Gerard Price, Managing Director, Bargate Homes

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