The world of work is changing. Are you?

We are passionate about changing the world of work so that it is good for people and good for business.

We partner with organisations to help them create work that is more human-centric and delivers results to the bottom line. For too long, organisations have ignored the obvious: when it comes to the people they work with, an individual approach is needed. People are unique and so broad-brush approaches and top-down initiatives don't and won't work. Look at the evidence: employee engagement has hardly shifted since it entered the vocabulary twenty years ago. 

We have seen too many people 'digging deep' and 'pushing through' in organisations in order to achieve targets and deadlines. Businesses will not succeed by treating people as resources. It is time to put humanity back into how work is done.

It is time to change the human experience of work. 

We believe that to meet the challenges of the 21st century, the existing paradigm of leadership needs to change. We need to see a rapid move away from positional leadership and the hierarchies and siloes that they create, and shift towards flatter, more empowering ways of working. 

And we need to tap into the energy that enables humans to deliver extraordinary results: motivation. That way, people won't just be able to step up into their leadership, they will be able to do it in a way that is sustainable and enjoyable.

To find out more about our approach and how we harness motivation to deliver improved profitability and greater purpose, watch our new video

Harness the motivation of your teams

Want to know what motivates your people and how to harness it to bring about sustainable change? Find out more here.

Employee engagement Improve the human experience of work

Want to shift the human experience at work? Find out more here.

High performance leadership development

Want to develop your own leadership capabilities or those of your team? Find out more here

Team development High performance team development

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Accreditation Motivational Maps

We help people become accredited in Motivational MapsĀ® in their own organisation. Find out more on our dedicated website here.

Culture change Facilitate culture change

Want to understand what is driving your current culture and how to shift the dial of your organisation in the right way? Find out more here.

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Your free extract from my new book CREATE Motivation; How did we get here?

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