CREATE Motivation

There are huge challenges ahead of us and sheer grit and determination will not see us through. When it comes to enhancing performance at work, we need something more sustainable, something that comes from within, something more ‘human’. We need to align our actions and intentions to our motivations. Our methodology is based on 20+ years’ experience of working with leaders across all sectors. By aligning people's talents to their motivation, they naturally create the environment for themselves and other people in their teams and networks to thrive, collaborate in a common cause and deliver on both purpose and profits.

CREATE Motivation is a model aimed at harnessing motivation, honing skills and combining these to inspire people to step up to be leaders to deliver on their organisation’s purpose – and beyond. It is a methodology that leads to higher levels of performance.

It’s a model that puts motivation at the forefront of everything we do. 

Not only will this approach help people become the leaders we need now, it will also help them discover how they want to emerge as a new leader in times to come.

Who is CREATE Motivation for?

  • Do you want to deliver on the organisation’s purpose?
  • Do you want to inspire people to step up to be leaders?
  • Do you want to unlock the leader within you?
  • Most of all, do you want to love your job and feel fulfilled by work, and inspire others to feel the same?

If so, this approach is for you.

What is the CREATE Motivation model?

The CREATE Motivation model has performance as its heart. We call it the Performance Triangle.

We know that when people align their ‘What, How and Why Bother?’ with that of their teams and organisation (and the communities they serve), performance is optimised; there is less waste. It means we can be efficient and effective at work.

We also know that, over time, people change. And yet, people, teams and organisations often don’t spend enough time acknowledging the vantage point from which they now stand, before they set off in a new direction. They overlook and undervalue vital aspects that have driven performance to date.

We also know how hard it is to set direction, to decide and articulate what ‘good’ looks like. And when direction does not have clarity and explicitness, people go off at tangents – thinking they are delivering what is needed, when, in reality, they are wasting resources.

We know that once a plan is coming into form, the excitement and drive to achieve it can mean we sprint out of the starting blocks not necessarily having first checked we have the right running shoes on! Time taken now to consider what hurdles we might come up against, and where we might gain better traction, all aid success.

And, finally, we all know how important engagement is. Bringing people along with us, enabling their success alongside our own is a vital component of leadership.

CREATE Motivation as an Team and Organisational Development tool

The CREATE Motivation model is one which works at every level of an organisation. Individuals are easily able to follow the methodology for themselves and we have a wealth of resources available for individuals, and offer 121 coaching, where extra support is needed. The approach really comes into its own, though, when applied at team and organisational levels. We run workshops for teams to help them diagnose what is driving their performance, and to identify their derailers. We are able to hold the space for deeper discussions about performance, self and team awareness, stress, resilience, conflict, trust and more - all because we look not just at behaviour, but what is driving that behaviour. 

At an organisational level, we are able to co-develop plans with you for all stages of the employment life cycle that use the CREATE Motivation methodology. We have experience of integrating motivation into recruitment and induction processes to enable better fit and better early performance. We know how to redesign performance reviews to be more meaningful. The CREATE Motivation model can be used to enhance learner engagement in graduate, talent, team and leadership development programmes. And it can be used to better understand Reward and Recognition strategies. Furthermore, we are able to align the three elements of performance, the what, how and why bother, to have positive impact on employment engagement, talent development and culture creation.

To find out more about CREATE Motivation and how you can use this approach in your business, contact us.

To buy the book, CREATE Motivation - Unlock the leader within, written by our Founder, Kate Turner, click here.