Developing High Performance Teams

Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable

We help teams to improve performance – high, sustainable performance.

In our experience a team can only be successful if it understands and positively manages the relationships within the team AND demonstrates the six ingredients of a High Performing Team.

If you are a project manager seeking to understand how to make a team ‘gel’ more quickly, a team leader of a more permanent team who wants to raise the performance output of your team, or a team member wanting to know how to contribute more effectively to your own team,  contact us to find out more.

Our approach is to provide practical ways to improve a team’s performance by looking at the underlying dynamics of the team. And to do this, we use Insights Discovery® - a highly effective and memorable personality profiling tool which helps teams to get the heart of the problem and then provides them with a language to identify improved ways of collaborating.

We also want to help a team understand why it behaves the way it does and we use Motivational Maps® to identify this.

Finally, we want the team to understand what a High Performing Team actually does and then assess how they measure up against it. We work with the team to help explore this and put action plans in place to address any shortfalls or maintain any strengths.

Our Managing Teams programme is ideal if you want to:

  • Identify your team’s strengths and challenges
  • Create a space for open and honest dialogue within the team
  • Confront problems, inspire success and unlock potential
  • Improve relationships, rapport and productivity

To discuss your requirements, contact us.

Looking for a fun and educational team building event?

If you are looking for a team build with a difference and don’t want to do the typical high ropes, sailing or abseiling-type courses, consider heading to the kitchen.  We partner with The Cooking Academy to deliver inspirational, fun and educational team development days. Find out more.

We wrap our Insights and / or Motivational Maps classroom sessions around hands-on “Ready, Steady, Cook” or “Great British Bake Off” style competitive events.  It brings out real team behaviours but in a safe environment. To discuss your requirements, contact us.