Have you got what it takes

One thing I love about my job is the fact that I get to pass on my thoughts on what is new in the world of learning. And tomorrow evening is no exception as I have been invited to speak at JCI Southampton to share my ideas on what it takes to be successful.

So what will I be speaking about?

I've decided to base the talk on the ground-breaking work on Executive Skills by Chuck Martin. In his book, "SMARTS - are we hard-wired for success", Chuck provides a useful inventory for working out what cognitive functions we are naturally good at (and energised by) and which ones we lack (and feel drained by). These functions include areas such as Emotional Control, Planning and Prioritisation, Organisation and that old chestnut, Time Management.

The bad news is that, according to Martin, these Executive Skills are fixed by the time we get to adulthood. So if we are currently a poor time manager, chances are we will always be a poor time manager.

Good news is that the book gives plenty of ways in which we can work around our weaknesses, and instead spend our time more usefully playing to our strengths.

Tomorrow evening I'll be sharing these ideas with a roomful of people who take their personal development seriously and I am looking forward to see what they make of our take on this research.

Once I have their thoughts, I'll be sure to pass it on...