The good the bad and the ugly

As we talk to people about Motivational Leadership we quite often get asked "so how did the three of you decide that combining your businesses to make Motivational Leadership was the thing to do?"

I suppose the answer is that the idea kind of evolved. Lynne and I had worked together about 10 years ago and even then had started to hatch plans for our business empire.

I moved on to a job in the private sector and shortly after Lynne left to set up her own company. A few years later I went out on my own and we kept in touch and collaborated on a number of projects.

About 3 years ago Lynne became a licensed practitioner for Motivational Maps and met Kate, who also ran her own business. Lynne decided that the three of us should get together. When we did all meet up we discovered that we all had a similar approach to our training and coaching work and that although we all had successful businesses we were thinking "is that all there is?"

As our discussions evolved, Motivational Leadership was born. Since then there have been deep discussions around our values and objectives ... and who was going to man the Caribbean office!

We also have a lot of discussions about the number 3 and it's mystical powers! The fact that the brain finds patterns of 3 easy to recognise, presentation points should come in 3's, organisations should consider 1 individual 2 team 3 organisation, there are 3 wise men, 3 blind mice, 3 witches in McBeth, 3 little maids from school, the good the bad and the ugly - we are still arguing over who gets to be which on that one!

So that's sort of how we got to where we are today.