Observe the masses, then do something different

I have just finished reading the autobiogaphy of Dragon's Den star, James Caan. In his inspiring book, 'The Real Deal from Brick Lane to the Dragon's Den' you discover that there is much behind the quietly spoken individual who joined the Den's line up last year. His father, who had a profound impact on his life, had a saying: "Observe the masses, then do something different", and this strongly resonated with me.

When we set up Motivational Leadership, we wanted to do just that. We wanted to look at what our competitors were doing, learn from them, and then apply this to allow us to work in new ways which had a more sustainable impact on people development. We wanted to find different ways to market to our prospects. We wanted to feel that we had embarked on a different journey to what we could have done if we'd simply followed the crowd. At the time, it felt like a bit of a risk, but just reading these words in this book, I know we are on the right course.

Tell me. what would 'different' be for you and your business?