Why is Motivation Important to a Business?  

Motivation is a key component of people performance.  Most companies focus on setting direction for its people (what is required) and ensuring people have the right skills (how to get there), yet few truly harness motivation (why people bother). It is the combination of Skill AND Will that determine the extent to which a person contributes fully at work and reaches their full potential. Put simply, someone can have all the skills necessary for the role, but unless they can be bothered to use them, nothing will happen. 



What difference can motivation levels make to a business?

By meeting the motivational needs of an individual, they are better able to work ‘with the grain’ and unleash their discretionary effort.  Rather than a task or role feeling effortful for them, it will feel effortless and when it feels effortless, they want to do it more.  This typically leads to increases in quality, productivity and performance (and, if the business is set up correctly, profitability). To find out more about how motivation can make a material difference to your team and/or business, read more here.


How do you increase motivation?

The subject of motivation has long been seen as something intangible and un-measurable that managers have shied away from managing it – despite it being seen as critical to a business. Motivational Maps® changes this. Motivational Maps® enables companies to identify what drives motivation at an individual, team and organisational level and measure it. Motivational Maps® provides a unique understanding of an employee’s work Motivators and their motivation levels so that managers can truly unlock an individual’s potential for high performance and deliver solid results to the bottom line. In much the same way as Insights Discovery® has provided the colourful language to describe personality types, and Belbin has provided meaningful descriptors for team roles, Motivational Maps® gives memorable language to define and manage motivation. Find out more about Motivational Maps®.