High Performance Teams

We work with teams to improve performance – high, sustainable performance.

To do this, we look through three lenses:

behaviour lens motivation lens focus lens

We use the powerful and highly memorable psychometric tool Insights Discovery® to help team members better understand each other, get to grips with the team dynamic and have a language to enable improved ways of working together.

We use Motivational Maps® to help team members understand what is driving the performance of the team and how to harness this. This tool uniquely both identifies motivators and dissatisfiers AND measures the extent to which a person is motivated at work.   We use the ‘Five Functions of a Cohesive Team’ model (based on Patrick Lencioni’s work) to build a strong foundation of trust in a team, help them engage on productive conflict, achieve commitment and hold each other accountable so that they can achieve better results and achieve high performance

5 dysfunctions diagram

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We have a wonderful team of trainers and coaches who can help you increase motivation in your workplace and lead your business to greater heights

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