What our clients say

David Orr, National Housing Federation:

“Kate has worked with managers and directors at all levels within the National Housing Federation. She has a wonderful ability to get everyone to participate and engage in conversations. She is able to challenge individuals and teams, but in a way that helps us to think differently and without making people defensive. One of the things I like most about Kate’s approach is that she always comes with a plan, but often allows the sessions to follow a different route if there is obvious value in doing so.”


Nikki Prentice-Jones, Action Talent Ltd:

“Having used Motivational Mapsâ in large corporate organisations, I am extremely happy to attest to the quality and accuracy of the tool, it really does help managers discover how to practically improve their everyday engagement with their staff.”


Project Manager, Education Consultancy:

“Kate is an inspiring person, who clearly understands how our company works. My reservation about using an outside trainer, was that they may know little about how our organisation works. This proved completely unfounded. Kate has worked with the company for years and this really shows, and she offered us some extremely useful insights about our own company.”

Karen McGregor, Cardinal Health:

“An effective model to understand self and the value of good relationships.”

Emma Coltart, Plus One:

“It was brilliant. The training was superb, a lot was learnt and the way the training was delivered was fabulous”

Lynne Elvins, Design Adviser, South West Design Programme:

“It was really nice to have a training session where it was tailored for us exactly how we requested it. So many training courses feel like set materials being churned out in formulaic ways, but this wasn’t at all like that.”