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 Archive for <strong>December 2019</strong>

Let’s disagree professionally and the upcoming Apprentice final

What does the word ‘conflict’ conjure up to you? Often people feel uncomfortable when you mention the word conflict - especially in relation to a business environment. The word synonymises anger and aggression in most people’s mind. But at its most pure, conflict is integral to a healthy and successful, professional team. Sir Alan Sugar’s TV show The Apprentice is now in its 15th year and is still drawing in an average of 7.5 million viewers each year with its bolshie business set up. There are always multiple arguments, disagreements and clashes of personalities. And (almost) every episode is a prime example of how not to disagree professionally. And with the final rapidly approaching, what can we learn about conflict from the contestants... []

 Archive for <strong>December 2019</strong>

How do men and women tackle imposter syndrome differently?

Have you ever felt like you were a fraud in your job? Like you aren’t qualified or good enough to be where you are? Waiting to be found out? Chances are you are suffering from a very common issue called ‘imposter syndrome’. Imposter syndrome spans across all genders and work places. But how imposter syndrome manifests itself between men and women can be very different. From who admits to feeling imposter syndrome to who asks for help; there are some interesting differences between men and women when it comes to suffering with self-doubt.[]