My motivations on writing a book

My motivations on writing a book

Given my new book ‘CREATE Motivation, Unlock the leader within’ is all about understanding our own deep and ingrained motivations, I thought it was about time I talked about my motivations for writing it.

My motivators have been fairly consistent in recent years, but the meaning of them – and therefore how they would be met and nurtured - has changed as the world around me, and me in it, have changed.

So, what are my main motivators?

  • My top Motivator is Searcher – the drive to make a difference.
  • My second Motivator is Expert – driven by learning.
  • My third Motivator is Spirit – the desire to be free and autonomous.

I am living proof of how you can harness and change your motivation. Motivation is influenced by our past, present and future. My past self never believed I could or would write a book so I didn’t. At this stage, my imposter syndrome loomed large. My present self now realises I have 20+ years of valuable experience to share – and so writing the book has been a joy – perhaps even a compulsion. My future self (what I now believe about future outcomes) recognises the impact this book could have and this fuels a determination in me to use my experience to shift the paradigm around motivation and leadership in the workplace. Given the changing time in which we live, the exercises and insight shared in this book seem more relevant than ever.

Through following the steps set out in the CREATE model, I was able to discover what good would look like in my envisioned future (the ‘what’), own my skills (the ‘how’), plus harness my motivation (desire to make a bigger difference through widely sharing my expertise in a way which was accessible and would be in collaboration with others). I am living my future vision. I believe I am now (starting to) make that difference.

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