President Obama

First, it was a nasty strain of 'flu that spread across the country over the Christmas period, rendering people incapacitated and businesses suffering from staff shortages. This week we have been swept by an altogether more positive epidemic - Obama Fever.

It seemed as though the whole country, if not the world, stopped at 5.00pm on Tuesday to watch the swearing in and inaugural address of President Barack Obama. Phone calls were cut short, car parks emptied as people rushed home to switch on their televisions and a record number of video streams made the online news sites very happy indeed.

Obama has earned his reputation as an orator and this speech, crafted by his 27 year-old chief speechwriter, did not disappoint. There is much for business leaders to learn from the way the President has taken on his new leadership role. The speech set out his vision using all manner of rhetorical techniques designed to capture people's emotions and bring them on-side. His first day was marked by a stamp of authority and an example of principle-centred leadership at its best.

People entering new roles are measured on their actions in the first 100 days and we, at Motivational Leadership, eagerly await the next 99 days of his tenure. He may prove to be an excellent case study in our training!