Lynne Bell

Lynne has over 25 years experience working with organisations of all sizes; from blue chips to SMEs. The last eleven years have been spent as consultant, trainer and coach working with business leaders and their management teams to develop individuals, teams and organisations.

An excellent communicator with a focus on nurturing and inspiring executives and team leaders, Lynne has a zest for her own and other people’s motivation and development. Central to her work is her deep interest in and understanding of human relationships in the workplace and how these relate to behavioural change. Her central tenet is that change begins with an understanding of the individual’s own personality, preferences and motivations. Working beyond this, she supports others to create highly productive teams.

Practised and experienced in the use of market-leading tools (such as the dynamic personality-based InsightsDiscovery® model and Motivational Maps®), Lynne has a pragmatic approach whilst ensuring her interventions are insightful, engaging and enlightening. She has spent the last seven years using these tools within the contexts of one-to-one coaching, team development programmes and personal development programmes across organisations.

Insights Discovery® wheel position: 25 - Inspiring Motivator
Top three motivators: Spirit, Builder, Expert