Hannah Jones

Hannah JonesSince 2000 Hannah has primarily worked as a consultant for two internet based collaboration tool providers; taking full advantage of her engineering degree to analyse needs, train and support construction project teams.

Her success has been built on using innovation, imagination and understanding to manage technology to support and facilitate growth in clients’ businesses. For three years she was Training Academy Manager at BIW Technologies, responsible for the learning of internal and external customers. She established a professional and consistent company-wide approach to learning course delivery, planned the implementation of an e-learning solution and generated the course content. Working internationally, she has experience of delivering technical training to different people from different cultures.

Hannah also works with education professionals, inspiring them to embark on personal learning journeys of discovery and, as a coach, support leading teachers to improve their performance for the benefit of themselves and their schools.

Insights Discovery® wheel position: 26 - Motivating Inspirer
Top 3 motivators: Searcher, Creator, Spirit
Top 5 talents: Learner, Achiever, Woo,Self-assurance, Activator