Liberating Leadership

High performance is not an accident but is 'caused to happen' by a leader

What makes our approach different?

  • We know that there are a wealth of Leadership Programmes available to individuals and organisations. So why choose ours?
  • We use the powerful psychometric Insights Discovery® to help the individual understand how their preferences for working impact on what type of leader they are and want to be
  • We see motivation as a critical ingredient in leadership development -  a person’s motivators will influence what type of leader they are driven to be, how they view and lead change and how they judge success. We use Motivational Maps® to identify and measure motivation.
  • Research shows that successful leaders have a particular mindset. We measure the extent to which the individual has this mindset, and how they can further develop and use this mindset
  • We use a memorable and robust 4-step process to help individuals move from transaction management to true leadership
  • In delivering our programmes, we collect a wide range of data. When aggregated, this provides a rich snapshot of leadership in your organisation which can be used in a powerful way to inform organisational development plans and activities. Find out more about the leadership tools we use.