The Pioneer Group

As a Mapper, you already know the difference harnessing motivation makes to people and businesses alike.

Receiving your accreditation in Motivational Maps marks the beginning of a new adventure into the wonderful world of motivation. Your clients – be they internal or external – have much to gain from you as you share the magic of Motivational Maps. The more you use the tool, the more you realise its power at helping people to unearth their own potential – and transform how they work.

Through the accreditation, you know the technicalities of Maps and you'll have started to see just how powerful Maps can be. Through being a member of the Pioneer Group, you can access both the expertise of our training team and the experience of the other Mappers (our ‘Pioneers’) on an on-going basis. This will help your clients get the most from their time with you.

The Group at a glance

The Pioneer Group takes your learning about Motivational Maps to the next level through:

Masterclasses – focus in and deepen your knowledge in specific areas

Monthly Lunch and Learns and Drop-In sessions – when you want to dig deep, check out your thinking or need a sounding board

Always-there Learning Hub – a resource centre helping you to learn more about Maps and how to build a business around it.  

Facebook Group – supportive and rapid response to quick questions and building a sense of community

Renewals Sessions – every 2 years you'll be invited to a Renewals Session. This is an opportunity to check your skills and knowledge are up to date.

"Since joining the Masterclasses and Surgeries, I feel part of an active community that shares and stretches thinking.  It's great having a network with a shared language that I can bring and explore my own challenges, knowing I'll be respected and supported.   Having recently enjoyed a career break, bringing my knowledge up to date and exploring varying subjects relating to motivation has been invaluable to building my confidence as a Mapper and ensuring I offer real value for my clients." 

Dan Churchill-Coleman John Lewis Partnership.

"Kate and the Motivational Leadership team are always on hand to help. They're generous with their time and knowledge, the monthly masterclasses are fantastic and it's great to be part of a like-minded, highly motivated community."

Lulu Mungur, Motivational Mapper and small-business owner

The Detail


Masterclasses will embed and deepen your learning from the accreditation. These recorded Masterclasses will focus in on a specific topic around Motivational Maps suggested by the Group. The value of these Masterclasses is immense – and they will make a huge difference to your use of Maps. And remember, as a Pioneer Group member, you already have access to previous Masterclasses in the Learning Hub.

Monthly sessions

Lunch and Learns - once a month, on a Friday lunchtime, we’ll be hosting a lunch and learn session. No agenda – just come with your questions, insights and learnings. A great opportunity to ‘geek-out’ on anything and everything to do with motivation, Maps, how to get the most from using Maps, and more! You’ll be able to tap into the knowledge that exists in our family of Mappers – and it’s a chance to connect with others who do what you do.

Drop-ins - we know that sometimes you just want to ask a quick question, or simply connect in. And we know meeting during the working day doesn’t work for everyone. That’s why we are now offering an evening session for you to simply drop in, connect and have your questions answered. No pressure to stay for the full hour – just come and go as you please.

The Learning Hub

The go-to place for all things Maps. You’ll find recordings of our Masterclasses, resources to help you in your business development, all of the accreditation resources, ‘How to’ guides and lesson plans for individual and group debriefs. Plus we will be adding new content regularly.

Always-On Access To The Team

Well, not quite ‘always’ but when you have a quick question or query – or simply need to check something out – drop us an email and one of the team will get back to you the same working day.

Renewals Session

Know your skills and knowledge is still top-notch by working through this session every two years. It’ll mean you can be confident that you know what you need to know, and are up-to-date with the latest developments. A fun and fundamental element of being part of the Group.

Facebook Group

As a Pioneer Group member, you will be invited to join our private Facebook group  - a place for all our Mappers to share ideas or look for support. The training team will be checking in at the Facebook group so ask any questions you may have.

"The support I get as a Mapper is excellent. The Masterclass sessions allow us even greater learning around Maps, how they can be applied and delve into relevant subjects in more detail. The surgeries provide a useful sounding board to explore particular Maps in greater depth and are a fantastic opportunity to learn and gain insights from the Maps team and other Mappers.  The benefit from sharing our experiences of using Maps is invaluable and both these sessions provide that."

Alison Cripps, Motivational Mapper and Executive Coach



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