Change Leadership



Undoubtedly world economic and political events of the last few years have meant that individuals and organisations have encountered more turbulent changes than the rather more incremental change of yesteryear. The future, too, is not as predictable as it once seemed to be. The only certainty is that change, whether it be incremental or step, is likely to continue.

Our Leading Change and Transformation Programme builds on the concepts and approaches explored in our Liberating Leadership development programme; for leading change demands the same mindset and skills as those for leading and developing high performance. It then explores the specific nuances of leading change and what individuals can do to create change successfully.

Benefits participants and organisations can expect from this programme include:

  • Increased understanding of how to maintain team and organisational performance through change
  • Improved awareness of their own attitude to change and that of their teams
  • Increased confidence in leading change
  • Instigating change successfully