Programme 3: The Next Step Programme

You regularly plan for and review the performance of your team and have an effective Performance Management process in place. However, you are now looking to move performance up a notch and are looking for the next step.

The results you are seeking include:

  • Alignment between the actions and behaviours of your staff and the employer brand and company culture
  • A performance culture where stretching objectives are agreed and timely support given
  • A truly strengths-based approach to creating high performance
  • Performance Management being jointly-owned by managers and employees alike and simply seen as ‘the way things are done around here’
  • Managers as coaches

Outline of the programme:

  • Performance planning - a kick-off meeting to review your existing Performance Management process including what works well and what works less well and then a focus on what results you want to achieve.
  • Process design – changes to the Performance Management process and supporting documentation are designed with you. Once signed off, the launch of the enhanced programme is agreed and training tailored accordingly.

Programme delivery – which includes:

  • On-line learning – enabling participants to refresh their skills and work at their own pace through four modules covering the key stages of performance management namely setting objectives, identifying learning and development needs, reviewing performance and giving feedback, and rewarding and recognising performance. An additional module on ‘An Introduction to Performance Management’ sets the scene and reminds managers why managing the performance of staff is vital if businesses are to succeed.
  • Up to three one-day face to face workshops - the first day would focus on developing the leader’s mind-set; skill building through real-play; knowing how to deal with challenging situations and behaviour; and developing motivation skills for managers. The second and third days would focus on the changes to the Performance Management process and developing coaching skills for managers.
  • Access to an online forum to share ideas and results, and have questions answered by the programme directors.

Aimed at:

Organisations who are seeking to enhance their existing Performance Management Process and then deliver training to managers in the skills and mind-set required for its effective use.

Upgrades available: