Become a Motivational Maps Practitioner

As an HR professional, business leader or coach you can become accredited to use Motivational Maps with your teams or your clients.

Our organisation is a key distributor and the premier accrediting body for Motivational Maps in the UK. We hold the top level status, that of “Senior Practitioner" which means we work directly with the creator of Motivational Maps to train new practitioners.

What’s the difference between an Internal Maps Practitioner and a Licensed Practitioner?

The difference is simple. It’s about who you work with when using the tool:

Internal Maps Practitioners are trainers, facilitators, coaches and managers employed by the company to whom they would like to deliver Motivational Maps

Licensed Practitioners are external trainers, facilitators, coaches and consultants who would like to deliver Motivational Maps to their clients

Why choose to become accredited?

As an Internal Maps Practitioner you can:

  • Build an in-house network of Maps experts with the power of Maps at their fingertips
  • Be able to have those who know your business best, deliver the solution to teams
  • Have a greater opportunity to further embed the language of Maps in the business by connecting it to day to day operations, internal L&D programmes and people strategies

As a Licensed Map Practitioner you can:

  • Differentiate yourself from other coaches, trainers and consultants
  • Embed this tool within your own existing practices
  • Add greater value to existing clients
  • Access new clients by offering a new and different approach


Have cost effective use of the tool

Join a network of Leadership and Development professionals already successfully using Maps

Have access to a tool which is new and fundamentally different to traditional behaviour based "Psychometric tools"


How do you become Accredited?

Our Accreditations come in two formats. You can choose:

  • A one-day course which requires up to 5 hours pre-work and which takes you through everything you need to know to get started with Maps
  • A two-day course which simply requires completion of a Motivational Map prior to attendance. During the course you not only receive what you need to get started with Maps, you’ll also have time to practise using real Maps with real people and get expert advice on how to use Maps in your business.

Both formats are run as either open courses or as in-house courses.

Our open courses are run regularly throughout the year and attract Leadership and Development Professionals from a variety of market sectors, as well as independent coaches, trainers and coaches.

If you would like several people in your organisation to be trained at the same time, it's more cost-effective to run an in-house course. You can choose a date that suits you and you will have the advantage of being able to use real business examples on the course with complete confidentiality.

Information on our current course schedule can be found on our events page

One day course overview
1 day course diagram

To download more detailed information on our one day course click here

Two Day Course Overview

2 day course diagram

To download more detailed information on our two day course click here

During these courses, delegates will be guided through the following:

  • A practical session exploring the importance of motivation in the workplace
  • How to interpret Individual Maps®
  • How to interpret Team Maps®
  • Essential skills and techniques to apply Motivational Maps® in one-to-one and group settings
  • Simple and memorable exercises to help others explore Maps® and their meaning in the workplace and have impact

Our goal by the end of the training session is to provide a thorough and practical understanding of how to use the tool successfully with individual and teams so that the delegate feels confident to immediately begin working with the tool.

What else will you also receive?

All delegates also receive:

  • Access to the online portal to be able to create Motivational Maps passwords for people, assign e-learning and create Team Maps®
  • A comprehensive training manual which includes information about Maps, their interpretation and application
  • PowerPoint slide decks ready to be used with teams
  • Free set of Motivator cards
  • Access to online training and resource portal containing videos, training materials and background reading
  • Copy of the book Mapping Motivation – written by James Sale, the Creator of Motivational Maps

Following the face to face training, each delegate will receive follow up support specifically to help them prepare effectively for their first few uses of the tool.

E-learning packages

Once you have been accredited as a Maps practitioner you have the option to subscribe to our e-learning package. This is a cost-effective solution that allows individuals to work at their own pace, at a time and place to suit themselves. It also helps organisations to increase the reach of the maps tool and reinforce key learning points.



 Additional support

The training will give you everything you need to start using Motivational Maps® straight away. If you would like additional 121 support and coaching, the chance to engage in more CPD (Continuous Professional Development), come to Showcases, we have a range of support packages available. Contact us to find out more.

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