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Personal Effectiveness

Know thyself

The first step to being more effective as a leader is to know yourself – what makes you tick, your strengths, your weaknesses, your value to a team, and more.

We offer a Personal Effectiveness programme - either as a stand-alone course or as part of our wider programmes.  This is an engaging journey into the understanding of human personality enabling you to relate and communicate even more effectively. This programme is most often delivered to a group but can be delivered one-to-one.

A key component of the programme is to explore your preferences using Insights Discovery®– in other words to understand the lens though which you interpret the world and how this impacts on your actions and level of success.


This programme is ideal if you want to:

  • Understand your unique personality
  • Gain a deeper insight into yourself and your colleagues
  • Develop your interpersonal skills and have greater personal impact
  • Improve your communication
  • Create better personal and professional relationships
  • Understand why you get on with some people and not others

Learn about Insights Discovery®

Outline of the Programme:

Using Insights Discovery®, the programme takes you through

  • Personal Introductions - discover things you never knew about each other!
  • Understanding the Insights Discovery® model origins and the three dimensions of personality.
  • Introduction to the four colour energies and the eight personality types.
  • Reading and reviewing the introduction to your personal Insights Discovery® Personality Profile - a 20+ page report.
  • Understanding the graphs and charts.
  • Working through the chapters: Strengths and Weaknesses, Value to the Team, Effective Communication, Possible Blind Spots, Opposite Type, Suggestions for Development.
  • Adapting and Connecting. Techniques for recognising other personality types and identifying what to do more of and less of in order to work and communicate more effectively with others.
  • Action Plan. Put all the learning together and develop an action plan for improving relationships with others and continuing your personal development journey.

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