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Increasing Personal Impact and Influence
with Insights Discovery®

only £295 + VAT

Want to increase your impact and influence at work?

In this ONE DAY development programme we use the psychometric profiling tool, Insights Discovery® to help participants gain a deep understanding of themselves -and others.

From their increased awareness, individuals will know what levers they can use to become more effective in their personal interactions, whether at work orhome.

Many people have used Myers-Briggs personality profiles - but how many people remember their results?

Using Insights Discovery®, people not only remember, they begin applying the results immediately.

At the workshop participants willbe given their own Insights Discovery® profile, together with a workshopjournal to collect and reflect their thoughts. They will be guided through aseries of activities and discussions and can expect the following outcomes:

  • A memorable, fun and fascinating introduction to Insights Discovery®
  • A new and positive common language, enabling individuals to discuss personality and preference and the differences between people in a constructive way
  • A deeper understanding of how they come across to others and how to influence people more effectively in the future (yes, even 'difficult' people!)
  • An action plan to build strengths and work on any areas of development

"I strongly recommend this programme. It helps you understand why your personality is the way it is.
It gives you a different perspective and a chance to stop and think about the impact you are having on other people."

Programme Overview:
  • The Power of Perception- and why we don't always see things the same way
  • Introduction to the Insights 'Colour Energies'
  • Understanding our preferences for working and how we can adapt to be more effective
  • How to recognise others' style
  • Impact and influencing techniques
  • Action planning and keys to success

" I've never done anything quite like this before - it is uncannily accurate. It was so detailed and showed we are more
of a blend of personality 'types' than other tools in the market."

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