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Motivationis a lofty idea that represents the key to everything we do and, by extension,everything we work on. To effectively harbour success and nurture growth - bothpersonal and financial - it is absolutely essential to not just promotemotivation, but understand it.

Our Motivational Maps offer companies, individuals and professionals a real tool for measuring and promoting an abstract idea in a quantifiable way, increasing not just productivity, but more importantly, the desire for productivity.
Measuring the Unmeasurable

Haveyou ever considered how to measure motivation?

Without a proven system, it's nearly impossible to do accurately.
We use an expertly researched and designed tool to identify, measure and diagnose motivation for employees and individuals - based on their unique combination of 9 motivators.
Armed with this information, and with our coaching, you can move your team forward to each person's strengths and specific motivators, optimizing their efforts based on what drives them.
For individuals

Ifyou're looking to improve yourself to harness success, our tool provides ameans for getting to the heart of what makes you tick. Once you understandthis, you can harness it.

For organisations
Maintain a thorough understanding of your team to drive them forward. Which motivators will work for each member to promote productivity? Find out and increase efficiency exponentially.
For professionals

If you're a trainer, coach or HR professional you can become accredited in the use of Motivational Maps - just check the box on the right.

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