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Motivational Leadership Development Programme

High Performance is not an accident but is 'caused to happen' by a leader

We know that there are a wealth of Leadership Programmes available to individuals and organisations. So why choose ours?

We believe that what makes our approach different is:

  • The programme begins by looking at mindset – what it is, how it can be changed and how it impacts on behaviours and results (Read more about mindset here)
  • The origin of our Leadership Development programme was research into what high performing leaders actually do to create sustained high performance on a day by day, week by week basis. What we explore is proven to work.
  • We understand that the ability to motivate oneself and others is a critical component of high performance and a skill often left untaught

Benefits you can expect include:

Improved personal effectiveness through a greater level of self-awareness

  • Sustainable increased levels of performance by the participants themselves and the teams they lead
  • Enhanced levels of motivation and employee engagement
  • Lasting behavioural change

Outline of the programme:

  • On-line learning – enabling participants to work at their own pace through modules covering some of the key skills of leadership.
  • Face to face workshops that include modules such as ‘The Mindset of Success’, ‘What Motivational Leaders Actually Do’, ‘The Four Step Process from Transactional to Transformational Leadership’, ‘The Essential (and often untaught) Skills of Leadership’ and ‘Leading Change and Transformation’
  • Access to an online forum to share ideas and results, and have questions answered by the programme directors.

This programme is aimed at:

The programme can be tailored to suit individuals who are leading people for the first time, or for the more experienced leader who is looking to refresh their skills and challenge their own mindset.

Upgrades available:

  • 1:1 coaching
  • Access to our Motivating for High Performance programme
  • Access to our Insights Discovery® Personal Effectiveness programme
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