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We are proud of the feedback we receive from clients and of the strong relationships we develop. We have helped hundreds of organisations with our consultancy, training and coaching services and consistently receive excellent feedback on our courses. This is a very small selection of the sort of comments from people. To see a list of some of the clients we have worked with click here.

Really nice to have a training session where it was tailored for us exactly how we requested it. So many training courses feel like set materials being churned out in formulaic ways, but this wasn’t at all like that.
Lynne Elvins, Design Adviser, South West Design Programme

Enlightening, informative and energising.
Kathryn Hughes, Design Adviser, South West Design Programme

It was brilliant. The training was superb, a lot was learnt and the way the training was delivered was fabulous. Emma Coltart, Plus One (Personal Effectiveness )

DT Structures has worked with Lynne as our consultant since 2004. Recently, she helped us to determine middle tier management roles and responsibilities. During this exercise, certain confidence issues were identified in the younger staff. We agreed to use coaching with one individual to boost his confidence and enable him to work more effectively with the rest of the team. Over a series of four sessions the transformation was marked. Four months after this coaching it has proved to be of immense benefit to both the individual and the company.
Dave Tomlinson MD, DT Structures (Consultancy and one to one coaching programme)

I was delighted by my experiences of coaching. It made a real difference to all aspects of my life.   Director, Tenon

The outcome of my coaching sessions has helped me to think more clearly at the strategic level and remain focussed on the big picture despite the many distractions that come along every day.
General Manager, Oil and Gas sector

Having Kate as a coach was an invaluable experience. She worked with me to knock down potential barriers and ultimately to propel myself in everything I do.
Managing Director – SME

Very informative and thought provoking, very well presented and great fun.
Chris Smithson, Cardinal Health (Team Leader 2-day course)

An effective model to understand self and the value of good relationships.
Karen McGregor, Cardinal Health (Personal Effectiveness and Coaching)

I felt that the course was excellent and a lot more relevant to my job than most courses are. I especially liked the individual coaching session.
Project Managers, Education Consultancy

Kate is an inspiring person, who clearly understands how our company works. My reservation about using an outside trainer, was that they may know little about how our organisation works – This proved completely unfounded - Kate has worked with the company for years and this really shows – she offered us some extremely useful insights about our own company.
Project Manager, Education Consultancy

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