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Liberating Leadership 

  • We use the powerful psychometric Insights Discovery® to help the individual understand how their preferences for working impact on what type of leader they are and want to be
  • We see motivation as a critical ingredient in leadership development -  a person’s motivators will influence what type of leader they are driven to be, how they view and lead change and how they judge success. We use Motivational Maps® to identify and measure motivation.


Change Leadership

Our Leading Change and Transformation Programme builds on the concepts and approaches explored in our Liberating Leadership development programme; for leading change demands the same mindset and skills as those for leading and developing high performance. It then explores the specific nuances of leading change and what individuals can do to create change successfully.


Developing High Performance Teams

For project managers seeking to understand how to make a team ‘gel’ more quickly, team leaders of a more permanent team who want to raise the performance output of their team, or team members wanting to know how to contribute more effectively to their own team.

Our approach is to provide practical ways to improve a team’s performance by looking at the underlying dynamics of the team. And to do this, we use Insights Discovery® - a highly effective and memorable personality profiling tool which helps teams to get the heart of the problem and then provides them with a language to identify improved ways of collaborating.



Leadership Tools

In delivering our programmes, we collect a wide range of data. When aggregated, this provides a rich snapshot of leadership in your organisation which can be used in a powerful way to inform organisational development plans and activities. Many of the tools are available as 360 versions too to help give a more rounded view of leadership. 

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